Working with Groups

If individual assessments are the building blocks of what we do, working with groups is how the blocks are put together. Successful policy implementation is carried out at team level; the coherent team, capable of maintaining social and strategic unity – even in difficult times – is fundamental. Here are some examples:


Strategy can be delivered only to the extent that the people in the group possess the necessary cohesion, motivation and resources. The Acker Deboeck consultant will use in-depth interviewing of key group members to provide data for a report called an Organisation Analysis. This report captures the key issues in the group, including those that people are reluctant to surface with anyone other than a trusted outsider. An Organisation Analysis is used as the agenda for "off-site" team building meetings. These sessions are facilitated by our consultants to help the group face the issues openly, move to their resolution and commit to action. We provide a structure and a process which enables the group to resolve its issues.

New Lamps for Old

After a merger or acquisition, the old corporate cultures will persist. Managers who flourished under the old regime are resistant to changes in direction. Their experience is invaluable, but they can subvert or undermine new ways. We get these people on-side through the use of a 'Facilitated Workshop' which provides essential opportunities to adjust. At these sessions, people are helped to think through the implications of change and to confront the difficulties and complexities in building a new organisation.